PS/RAW format detection only works with Samba?

Christoph nermal at
Fri Sep 30 10:39:17 PDT 2005

> Christoph wrote:
> > I'm using KDE to print to my PCL printer connected to a remote CUPS
> > server. When I set up kprinter to use the generic Postscript driver,
> > Postscript is generated on my machine and sent to my CUPS server.
> > Sending it over Samba works fine, the CUPS server detects the
> > Postscript format, processes it using the PPD file and prints it out
> > perfectly. But if I connect to it using Remote LPD or Remote CUPS in
> > kprinter, CUPS always detects the incoming PS file to be RAW. On the
> > CUPS server itself printing a .ps file using lpr works fine.
> >
> > Why is CUPS unable to detect the format of a print job coming in via
> > Remote LPD or IPP, but can do it via Samba and Local LPD?
> Without knowing how kprinter is sending the job, it is impossible to
> say.  We need more information (including the version of CUPS you are
> using and how kprinter is submitting the job...)

I'm using CUPS 1.1.23 and KDE 3.4.2. I have no idea what kprinter actually sends to the CUPS server, but it's detected as vnd.cups-raw. The file in the spool directory on the CUPS server is exactly the PS file I was trying to print. Why does CUPS detect it to be RAW when using Remote LPD/IPP and as PS when using Samba? Could this be a KDE bug?

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