Debugging info

Anonymous anonymous at
Wed Sep 21 10:43:05 PDT 2005

I recently had an issue when changing DHCP servers. The cups server was miss addressed, but was still announcing itself under the proper name, if not address. OK no problem here. Client couldn't connect. Nor did there debugging output point out that issue.

Then I set LogLevel to debug on the cups server; it started pumping out data. This is what I found.

StartListening: Unable to bind socket for address c0a80115:631 - Cannot assign requested address.

Note the address is in HEX, not the far more readable 'dot quad' format.
It took a while via hand modifying the cupsd.conf file's Listen entries
to figure it out. If I had seen the address in it's 'dot quad', then I would have run 'ifconfig' and viewed the address list  sooner (the DHCP server had given out the address Note second quad).

Debugging is best when the output is readable, not cryptic. Please have the DEBUG ADDRESS FORMAT updated to a human readable format.

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