Remote jobs do not run my local custom filter

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Jun 6 16:52:10 PDT 2007

Ian Ward wrote:
> HI, Printing on RedHat Enterprise 4.
> I have a custom filter in /etc/cups/interfaces , it actually ftp's the printfile to another location.  The "Device" is /dev/null
> When printing locally, it's fine.  Accepting remote jobs from another server however ( an AS400 ), the local interface script is not run ( I assume CUPS thinks the other guy should do his own cooking )
> Is it possible to configure to allways run the local filter?  Would that be an "output" filter then?

The remote jobs are probably getting tagged as raw ("man cups-lpd")
and are bypassing the normal filter chain.  You can either update
your cups-lpd configuration or run your interface script as a backend
instead of a filter - you'll just need to add handling of the no-
argument case ("man backend").

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