Remote jobs do not run my local custom filter

Ian Ward ian at
Thu Jun 7 00:11:54 PDT 2007

> Ian Ward wrote:
> > When printing locally, it's fine.  Accepting remote jobs from another server however ( an AS400 ), the local interface script is not run ( I assume CUPS thinks the other guy should do his own cooking )
> >
> > Is it possible to configure to allways run the local filter?  Would that be an "output" filter then?
> The remote jobs are probably getting tagged as raw ("man cups-lpd")
> and are bypassing the normal filter chain.  You can either update
> your cups-lpd configuration or run your interface script as a backend
> instead of a filter - you'll just need to add handling of the no-
> argument case ("man backend").
Thank you Michael, you got me on the right track.

Adding my script as a backend makes more sense.  I added the following lines to make it "compliant"

if [ ! "$1" ] ; then
 echo 'network ftp "Unknown" "Special FTP backend using lftp"'
 exit 0

It would have been nice to figure out how to make it fully dynamic so it could be set like:
lpadmin -pkagan -v

It works for lpadmin -pkagan -v ftp: , anything else gives a "add_printer: bad device-uri attribute 'ftp://'!" ,but that's for another day I guess.

Regards, Ian

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