Centralized Server Problem

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at infotec.com
Thu Jun 14 08:32:24 PDT 2007

> > its own USB/parallel ports where no printer is connected. How can I
> > make the server spool everything and at the same time be able to connect
> > printers to clients via USB/parallel port?
> > In lprng you insert in printcap:
> >  :lp=lp at clientname
> > Is there a similar possibility with the deviceURI in CUPS?
> Have you looked at the CUPS WebUI?
> lpd://clientname/lp

Assuming the "clients" run CUPS as well, you'd use (on the server) these
URIs schemes to print to a client-attached printer named client_printer:


If you insist on using an lpd:// URI scheme towards a client-attached printer, you need to run (additionally) the "cups-lpd" mini-daemon on the client.

Of course, if the clients run a LPR/LPD-based print service, your scheme was correct.

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