how can i manipulate raw queues

miki ha mikiha at
Wed Jun 20 06:31:38 PDT 2007

thnx for the reply
i have text coming with hebrew charset from oracle to a printing queue
i need to have two options in cups
1 the ability to change orientation on raw printing queues (like -o landscape)
2 when i give a raw printing queue the -n # option  insted of giving me
like 1 line of text per page i get 3 lines in one page
how can i fix it ?
thnx again

> > can cups allow me to manipulate raw printing queues ?
> > i have a problem with orientation order and number of copies
> In CUPS-speak, "raw" printing means un-modified, un-manipulated printfiles by-pass all CUPS filters, go straight to the backend and from there to the print device.
> As soon as you start modifying, manipulating, filtering... you need to stop talking about "raw" printing  ;-)
> So yes, CUPS will allow you most likely to do what you want. Even by allowing you to write your own filter [in Perl, Python, Bash, C++, $whatever...] and/or backend [even in the style of a venerable Unix-like "interface script"] and plug it into the CUPS filtering framework....
> So just state in some more detail what you wanna achieve, and a better help may be close: What type of data? Who/what generates the data? What type of printer? What changes do you want to apply to the data?
> Cheers,
> Kurt
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> Kurt Pfeifle
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