Help debugging CUPS on OS/2

Paul Smedley pauldespam at
Sun Jun 3 03:46:11 PDT 2007

Hi All,

I'm slowly making progress towards getting CUPS working on OS/2 - 
however am stuck at one point right now, which is that when printing a
jpeg file to my laserjet compataible printer - rastertohp.exe gets 
stuck at 99%.  Similarly, printing to my inkjet, gutenprint gets stuck
before it completes the job, seemingly waiting for data to send 
lpd.exe which simple isn't going to arrive.

wondering if anyone can take a look at my log at and see if they notice anything 
screwy, but also try printing to a 
600dpi laserjet (laserjet.ppd) with debug2 logging enabled (ie lpr 
tiger.jpg -o fitplot) and send me there error_log so that I can 
compare to mine - and see if there's any obvious differences.

I strongly suspect some ascii vs binary mode differences - or line 
termination (ie \r vs \r\n) but am struggling to work out where 
they're coming from - a working log should really help.

Thanks in advance!



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