"Satisfy Any" in cupsd.conf

Kev Latimer kev at kevnet.org.uk
Thu May 1 10:00:58 PDT 2008

> Kev Latimer wrote:
> > ...
> > Thanks for the quick response!  I'm having a play with using policies
> > to accomplish this now, albeit with similar results.  Would I be
> > right in thinking that the Satisfy Any issue probably exists in my
> > version of cups, as well as 1.4-current, as described in STR #2782,
> > and I'm not going to achieve the desired result just by using
> > policies?
> The current 1.3.x and 1.4.x subversion repositories and the current
> 1.4.x developer snapshot contain the fix.  The next 1.3.x stable
> release will also contain the fix.
>  > ...
> > Staying only tenuously on-topic, all I need this directive for is to
> > allow a script on a machine to execute cups commands on various
> > servers across our network.  However, there doesn't seem to be a way
> > to include a password on the cups command line, it's an interactive
> > prompt.  Is there any way to work around this?
> Sorry, unfortunately no.  The closest you can get is to disable
> authentication entirely and only allow access from specific
> networks/hosts, but for obvious reasons I don't recommend that.
> Some people use ssh to tunnel a local connection to the remote
> server, at which point you could only allow admin ops from localhost.
> That would be slightly more secure, as long as you have local users
> you can trust (or don't have any local users on the servers...)
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> Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

Hi Michael,

I've just this minute finished backporting (I use the term loosely!) 1.3.7 (with the fix manually written in) from Debian's Lenny repos to Etch (on AMD64 and i386).  Despite some wierdness in the summary of the "make check" portion of the package build, which forced me to comment out that part of the Makefile just to get the packages, it builds fine, installs good, and acts as I expect it to with regards to the config :-)

I've just thrown it at a production server, in a typically cavalier moment often seen late on a Thursday - I'll know if it's broken anything when the hordes return for work in the morning!



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