[cups.general] Problem with getting CUPS 1.3.5 to print to paused printer queues

henri henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Wed May 21 15:52:01 PDT 2008

Yes, there are significant differences between the version of CUPS  
which ships with Leopard.

> This seems like a feature that was added to CUPS, because it did not  
> happen on our previous Tiger machines when we followed the same  
> procedure.

If you are using a CUPS server to receive and hold the incoming print  
jobs then PrintAgent will probably only require a few customizations,  
in order to do what you need. I imagine that it would primarily be a  
case of removing functionality from PrintAgent.

Otherwise as Jerome mentioned, you could quickly roll your own with  

Information regarding PrintAgent is available from :

Documentation of how PrintAgent works is available from :

Information regarding Tea4CUPS :

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