how to get printers on mac os 10.8 from a linuxcups in a different subnet

franz.pfoertsch.brose franz.pfoertsch at
Wed Nov 7 12:18:08 PST 2012

> CUPS browsing was incompatible with application sandboxing and caused a lot of problems on wireless/unmanaged networks (no working DNS, no IPv6 support, IP addresses are not user-friendly). Bonjour support for Linux (Avahi) first appeared as a patch in CUPS 1.4 and is now part of CUPS proper, so it was time to remove the old, clunky CUPS browsing protocol support.

may be you are right!

but how should I solve this challange?

I am running in a enterprise environment with SLES 11.
at SLES 11 sp 2 the latest cups version is 1.3.9

I am running in a active directory installation with approx 20.000 user and 30.000 groups. There are aprox. 2.000 Server arround.

I never saw a howto to combine bonjour with acitvie directory.

but all this doesn't matter. Let's say a do the upgrade to 1.5.4 (I found it on the openSuSE build server). How to I enable the broadcasting from sub-net of the server to the sub-net to the client?

I could not understand, what the reason was to disable cups browsing for everybody. It is very helpfull in structured networks.

Why did you remove cups protocol complete?
You also could mark cups browsing as deprecated and disable it by default.

So skilled people could enable it on demand?

In my opinion you break cups for Linux and structued networks.

So I hope you could give me some hints to solve my setup issues.
Maybe you could send me some links to a smart howto or anything else, because I really like the cups software.


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