[cups] Only able to print from CUPS web interface ("filter failed" error otherwise)

Mario Sanchez Prada mario at endlessm.com
Wed Nov 5 11:28:00 PST 2014


Today I hit a strange problem after installing the Canon specific driver
for my Canon PIXMA MG4150 printer (cnijfilter-mg4100) in my Fedora 20
Linux laptop, whenever I try to print anything from anywhere other than
the CUPS web interface.

To narrow this issue down a bit, I managed to reproduce it with the very
simple use case of printing the "CUPS test page": if I try to print it
from either system-config-printer or gnome-control-center, the printing
job will immediately get stopped, and if I look in the "Jobs" section
from the CUPS web interface I can clearly see a "Filter failed" error
message. If, however, I do it from the CUPS web interface in
localhost:631 after authenticating myself with my user credentials (my
user belongs to the lpadmin), then the test page prints perfectly fine
(and quite better than with the previous CUPS+gutenprint driver).

Looking at the output of the systemd journal I can't see why the filter
(in /usr/lib/cups/filter and with the right permissions) is failing,
although I can see these other messages logged (which do not show up
when I print right from the web interface), suggesting it might be an
authentication problem somehow:

  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] No authentication data provided.
  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] 2.0 Get-Job-Attributes 23
  cupsd[640]: Get-Job-Attributes ipp://localhost/jobs/47
  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] Returning IPP successful-ok for
Get-Job-Attributes (ipp://localhost/jobs/47) from localhost
  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] Content-Length: 111

I've been trying to make it work with little success for now, but I
still couldn't figure out what exactly the problem might be, and I'm not
even sure at this point whether the logging files above might be a red
herring. Still, I thought I might ask here, just in case someone here
might have any clue or advice on where I could look into.

For the sake of completeness, the running version of CUPS on my system
is 1.7.1, the Nickname in the PPD file that I'm trying to use is "Canon
MG4100 series Ver.3.90" and the cups related lines in that file are as

  *cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 pstocanonij"
  *cupsManualCopies: True
  *cupsModelNumber: 388
  *cupsVersion: 1.2

Thanks in advance, any help will be greatly appreciated,

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