[cups] Disabling ippDelete

Noha Taha noha.taha at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 12:07:31 PDT 2016

We would like to use cupsDoRequest but be able to reuse the request after
the call to retry on certain conditions of choice. We cannot re-use the
request object since it is freed using ippDelete. I noticed that the ipp_t
structure has a "use" attribute which defaults to 1 on a new ipp request ..
Is it possible to set that field higher in such a way that the request will
not be freed? Or will that have any other side effects? Note the
implementation of ippDelete:
ipp->use --;
 if (ipp->use > 0)
I could not find anything in the documentation about that attribute. I'm
aware that cupsSendRequest will not free the request but I need to use
cupsDoRequest for other features it provides such as retrying and
authentication as needed.
Thank you,

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