input tray selection - pdftops vs. ghostscript

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Jul 28 06:19:59 PDT 2004

Björn Pusch wrote:
> In order to draw paper from different trays for each document in one
> job, we send each (pdf) document to cups as a single job and stitch
> the resulting postscript together to one large job.
> Until now we used a custom filter which uses ghostscript to convert
> the pdf file to postscript, which worked very well. But as gs
> converts fonts to images, this causes the printer to rip slower than
> printing.
> Therefore we tried to switch to pdftops as filter. Now the printer
> does rip faster, but input tray selection does not work anymore: the
> first document is printed on the correct media, but all subsequent
> documents are printed on paper from the same tray.
> As I cannot see any differences in the setup area(s) of the
> postscript, I assumed this was caused by  the %%DocumentMedia and/or
> %%PageMedia DSC comments xpdf/pdftops produces. But deleting these
> from the postscript did not help at all.

How are you merging the resulting PS files?

Since pdftops (as shipped in CUPS) does not send printer-specific
commands, how are you adding the printer-specific commands to the
final PS file?

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