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Sun Jul 4 15:44:35 PDT 2004

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> I have looked at this in 1.1.21 now. It tries to delete the printer
> on the printer host, not the client. While that is useful, what I was
> also asking for was the ability to remove a printer from a client--
> Ie, a host advertises a printer on a net, but for whatever reason, I
> do not want the printer to be useable on a client on that net. As far
> as I know there is no way to remove a broadcast printer from a
> client's list of printers.

Currently, no.  CUPS 1.2 adds a printer-is-shared attribute to
control whether the server broadcasts it or not.

> Also, the default printer goes to the host to set the default, and
> does not set it up on the client.

Correct.  Currently the default printer is a client setting; CUPS
1.2 adds the notion of a network default printer.

> I have about 10 computers on a network with a bunch of other
> computers. Only these 10 computers should have access to my printer,
> and other people's printers (located in entirely different sections)
> should not be accessible to my users, or even seen on their machines.
> One of the 4 computers I advertise should be the default printer for
> all my machines.

Use BrowseAllow and BrowseDeny on both the server and clients to
limit things, e.g.:

     BrowseDeny all
     BrowseAllow server-ip

> Now, one vihecle is lpoptions, but that does not always work. Ie, my
> printer hp1 is in the default on all my machines, but I will still
> find LOCAL_LP1 as the default (lpq lists it and lpr sends to it)
> instead of hp1.

You probably have the LPDEST or PRINTER environment variable set,
or your ~/.lpoptions file is overriding the system /etc/cups/lpoptions

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