[cups.general] RE: CUPS issue on my G-5

Hawker, Daniel Daniel.Hawker at animal.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 03:52:51 PDT 2005

> >
> In OS X the file is stored at /private/etc/cup/cupsd.conf.

Makes sense. Just wondered if they changed the default install paths at
config time, but I guess not as /etc is mapped to /private/etc. That's
nice as they sometimes put things in strange places (Apache in /usr
rather than /usr/local for example).

> I will agree that some system updates may modify the 
> cupsd.conf file.  
> However, I don't believe that anything you do through Apple Printer 
> Setup Utility will modify the cupsd.conf file.  Can you cite 
> a possible 
> example?

As mentioned, am not sat at an OSX box, however with 10.3.x the main
Printer software utilises CUPS and hence uses the usual gammut of CUPS
based config files, (cupsd.conf, printers.conf, et al) in its operation.
Unless they are including an additional  *apple_cups_conf_file* in the
cupsd.conf file somewhere, the Apple printer admin app must surely read
and write to these files. Otherwise when you access http://localhost:631
(which being a standard CUPS interface does read/write these config
files) on your machine, any printers added via the Apple printer admin
app would not display. This would create a rather strange problem for
example where you'd have say 2 printers installed on the system, one
that displayed in the Apple printer app (because it was created there)
but not in CUPS and vica versa.


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