Cups lpr spooling veeryyy slow...

suseinfo at suseinfo at
Sat Aug 20 03:21:08 PDT 2005

Hi all!

i have a weard problem here.
we have a printer at the office (xerox document centre 220st) that used to
work just perfectly before with NLD and cups. (not anymore :(

The ip of the printer is, queue name lp, the workstations
can ping perfectly the printer, no timeout.

the weard thing is when a print job is sent (the problem start +- two
weeks ago), cups will takes ages (15,20 minutes and sometimes more) to
send the jobs to the printer (spooling)

all the configs are the same, no upgrades have been done to the
workstations, realy i donĀ“ t know where to look :/

we are using an LPD remote Queue (lp for this printer)

the strangest thing is that it use to work 110% before.

any ideas?


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