[cups.general] Cups lpr spooling veeryyy slow...

chuck.amadi chuck.amadi at ntlworld.com
Sat Aug 20 05:38:08 PDT 2005

suseinfo at yahoo.com wrote:

>Hi all!
>i have a weard problem here.
>we have a printer at the office (xerox document centre 220st) that used to
>work just perfectly before with NLD and cups. (not anymore :(
>The ip of the printer is, queue name lp, the workstations
>can ping perfectly the printer, no timeout.
>the weard thing is when a print job is sent (the problem start +- two
>weeks ago), cups will takes ages (15,20 minutes and sometimes more) to
>send the jobs to the printer (spooling)
>all the configs are the same, no upgrades have been done to the
>workstations, realy i don´ t know where to look :/
>we are using an LPD remote Queue (lp for this printer)
>the strangest thing is that it use to work 110% before.
>any ideas?
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>cups at easysw.com

I may be asking the obvious have you edited /etc/cupsd.conf and search 
for the line *LogLevel* and *change* it to from warn to  debug. *then 
*view your error logs run command  tail -f  /var/*log*/*cups*/error_log 
file .

Thus all our w/stations log level from default to something that 
reported somethiny more useful for debugging.



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