[cups.general] Routing dosemu print output through CUPS to file?

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Sep 6 00:04:47 PDT 2005


On Sep 5 10:51 Kenward Vaughan wrote (shortened):
> I have an old gwbasic program ...
> ... and use dosemu, which does work well with the app.
> The only problem comes with some of the printouts, where I'd like to
> either change the printer's font to 6 or 8 point ...
> Is there a way to do this through /etc/printcap
> My printer is an HP1200 laserjet.

/etc/printcap is meaningless for print queue configuration in CUPS.

I guess your gwbasic program produces plain text for printout
and you may like to print it as is on your LasetJet 1200.

Either use "Text Options" (see the CUPS Software Users Manual)
to specify the "Number of Characters Per Inch" or the "Number of
Lines Per Inch" in the print command and then you print using
the full CUPS filtering system
your gwbasic program produces printer specific data and then
it must be printed in "raw" mode so that it is not processed
and changed by the CUPS filtering system
you make your own filter script to print plain text as is
but prepend a special printer specific escape sequece to change
the font which the printer uses for plain text printing, see   

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