printing to a remote IPP printer with lp is danghard

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Mon Jun 25 15:26:47 PDT 2007

> +++ Andrew Pimlott [25/06/07 16:09 -0400]:
> > This is a repost of Debian bug 429715[1] on cupsys-client, which has
> > thus-far gone unanswered.
> >
> > My friend gave me the IPP URL of his printer.

Are you saying that your friend offered you access to his locally installed printqueue? That his box acted as the print server for you?

> > Not knowing much about
> > this newfangled protocol, I installed cupsys-client, thinking (based on
> > the package description) it would be a cinch to use the printer.

If you do not access the printqueue via an external CUPS server, you also need the package "cupsys" (which is the server part of CUPS in Debian).

> > (This
> > Debian package contains the lp* family of commands.)

These are only the client commands. Those serve to send the job to a CUPS server. Usually all jobs need processing ("filtering", format conversion, injection of your desired job options into the job files) which is handled by the CUPS server. With cupsys-client you can only print to a printer if the printer supports PostScript, and you can't expect to have even the simplest of job options supported.

> > It turned out to
> > be an ordeal.  I'd like feedback on what I did wrong, or how this could
> > be made easier and less frustrating.

Well, your scarse "error description" does not invite any meaningful comment (other than pure speculation what might be missing: did your friend's CUPS configuration not allow external clients to print? did you even try to print via his CUPS system?)

> > The URL was of the form
> >
> >     ipp://

This is how a CUPS client would print to the printqueue "HPLJ1012" hosted on CUPS server "".

Most likely this "device URI" is not correct to send the job from the print server to a printer with IP address "" (as I suspect you want to do). Printer device URIs for IPP are not standardized (just like they were not for LPR/LPD).

Guessing now: this possibly being a HP printer, try "ipp://".

Not sure what your cupsys version Debian has installed, and how the Debian packagers pre-configure the default settings: but why don't you just use the CUPS web interface via "http://localhost:631/admin" and let the wizard do the work of discovering the printer?

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