Network printer: remote jobs hang,print if requeued locally

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Tue Jun 26 01:40:21 PDT 2007

> > Raw printing is only feasible if the Windows client has the native print driver for
> > the target printer installed (PostScript or not),
> Yes
> > and if smb.conf also contains "use client driver = yes".
> I think "use client driver" means something else.

OK, you are 75% correct on this point, and I'm only 25% correct here.

"use client driver = yes" indeed is meant for locally installed drivers (which by definition always are native drivers). I didn't consider the case where a native driver is first uploaded to the Samba print server with the help of the APW, and then useds by the print client as a "network printer".

> If you need to abuse a certain CIFS print queue in some special way just
> disable CUPS (use LPRNG for instance) for that queue and thunk the job
> back through.

I would refrain from pushing that advice. Unless there is now a standard way on most major distros to install the (conflicting!) LPRng package alongside the CUPS one....

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